Placeholder Images


<img src="[tag]/[filter]" alt="placeholder">

MagicYeti will attempt to find a random image with an appropriate aspect ratio and matching tag, but will fallback gracefully as long as at least one image is available.

Usage examples

By image dimensions
Tagged image
Negative image, any tag*/negative

Available options


abstract 1
arts 10
athletics 23
background 20
banner 17
brockport 10
brpa 5
building 16
cat 1
cim 16
clarke 55
csu-chhs 5
dog 4
education 13
illustration 0
lock-haven 27
music 5
nature 32
neu-cps 19
omniupdate 6
outdoors 28
person 30
rhec 11
social 4
springfield 16
teaching 14
uco 0
ukccts 66
wichita 2


  • gray
  • negative
  • blur
  • demean
  • edge
  • emboss

Filters may be combined by concatenating with +. For example,*/gray+negative

Editing Images

To add images or edit tags, you'll be prompted to authorize access to your Google Apps account. This is only used to verify your membership on that domain.

To later deauthorize access, visit your Google account settings for your account and revoke access for the "NewCity Placeholder Images" application